“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”   —Anaïs Nin

I've just recently become settled into calling myself an artist — and for those of you who are in the same field, you know the struggle between humility, graciousness, fear, and faith. Since I've always been a late bloomer, this new brand, and this new recognition, has developed at just the right time.

As a child, I wrote and illustrated books of poetry on construction paper and my mom sewed the pages together. Teenage years brought playing the cello to the forefront of artistic pursuits. Then, painting and drawing in college. Once BA and MA degrees in English, Philosophy, and Communications were completed, I stumbled into life as a professional creative.

Inspiration for my work comes from photos I've taken, memories that float around in my imagination, and the curiosities of light and shadow. Travels throughout the States, London, Greece, and Argentina flood my mind's eye with color, energy, and reflection. Having spent the past (let's just say) 20+ years as a writer, editor, graphic designer, and creative director in the corporate world, I'm happy now to embrace the pursuit of the canvas as my page, where a brushstroke becomes a sentence, a palette a paragraph, a painting a story.

Art in all its forms is woven into my days. I'm honored to be an active board member of the Warehouse Theatre and a volunteer for the Guild of the Greenville Symphony. If I'm not at the easel or the computer, I'm probably on FaceTime with my niece, Maggie, talking about cool music videos I've never seen, movies that i need to see, or how much she's looking forward to getting her driver's permit. She is my heart embodied, and one of the reasons I closed my eyes and jumped in.

I'd be honored for you to share images of my work on social media, with credit to @laurablume (Facebook) or @laurablumefineart (Instagram). Thank you, and, enjoy.

All images and artwork © Laura Blume 2017